What Is More Important?

Being into B2C sales as a profession, good customer service for the leads who come to us.Is of prime importance. It is also important to see that we could maintain/retain the customers and generate a positive word of mouth and generate maximum referrals. 

However, we could follow these protocols only when we have leads  coming to us.being into B2C community ,I strongly believe that once you are out of sight for the customer , you are out of mind. There are so many others as competitors which are mushrooming around and ready to take on your market. 

There has to be  a continuous marketing budget on a monthly bases ,which company need to experiment on different grounds and zones. ATL, BTL,inhouse,colleges,institutions, cooperates and social media.

let there be three events every month, one major promising a good amount of visibility  and another two should be differentiated one as a repeat of last month marketing event and a new one. The data, feedback from these events should be captured and analysed. 


what do you feel? what is more important? or are these two, the wheels of a bike , both required to run it? 

Do share your views. 


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