Like any other girl,me too, find myself uncontrollable when it comes to shopping. This is where, i firmly believe the more is less. So needless to say,sales and discounts are my alerts.

So today, i received a newsletter from ZARA which reads as ” “SALE starts today” with this Lady telling you, its a SALE! Next comes  simple links how to reach them.

Apart from being a crazy fan for the brand.I found something , more fascinating than their clothes.

1.checkout their price option,which denotes as , either you ahve your maximum budget or nil. The prices displayed were funnier, itne paise mai tho kuch nahi milega. It might seems,rude but they made it very clear , what you should be expecting.

2.Their look-book and people were very much handy to check the fashion statements for the month.

3.Last but the best one was “work for us” they didn’t give any lengthy text of responsibilities  or text its just plain simple requirements clubbed together in a video and beautiful song.

you can check it out  “are you moving 

 simplicity and modesty is just a bonus to your business.

However,I will be on the rolls for the sale at zara , this weekend. You guys can check out the site and tell me what do you think , also which is your favorite outfit in the collection? Do share.

P.S :- the image is from

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