Google Web Academy

Google Web Academy kicks off in India Under the umbrella of NIIT. Their tagline talks as “Educational resources to succeed in internet economy ” Its Google+ page describes itself as a  learning program providing educational resources and certifications to students or professionals who are eager to succeed in an internet economy.

For a comprehensive classroom learning experience, with option of getting a Google certification, find your nearest authorized training center in the students section. If you prefer studying from home, they  are offering the curriculum online for free.

It aims :- to bridge the digital skill gap in the country and help students and professionals capitalise on the emerging job market for the online industry.

While introduced this  training initiative for young professionals in India Rajan Anandan, VP & Managing Director Google India, said “As the Indian Internet market continues to show robust growth, we believe a capacity building program to help young professionals gear up for the opportunity is the need of the hour”

The courses offered (at present) 

  1. building new web
  2. mobile applications
  3. integration across Google products
  4. web optimization,
  5. introduction to cloud computing
  6. Integration across Google products and 3rd party APIs,
  7. Web optimization — bandwidth & loading performance, Introduction to cloud computing, including web standards,
  8. System integrator — Google Apps for Business, including configuration, deployment and management
  9. Performance tracking & monetization (Google Analytics, SEM).

Google will provide NIIT with its training curricula and certification standards to offer advanced training programs that are specially designed to create a pool of highly qualified professionals and help young professionals to gain useful skills required in the job market for the online space. Image

For Google :- Google Web Academy is part of various  initiative for emerging Internet economies.

For NIIT :- Its another feather to its caps,being the top most choice of various students and professionals for  training modules for Microsoft,Oracle, Sales force. This will help to increase its revenue and reach to a wider audience and to maintain a word of mouth.

For Students :- Its free and its Google!

Its a wonderful initiative by Google after MIT and HBR having announced its online training modules. Being tied up with NIIT would provide it a better edge and reach in the market!

What are your thoughts over it ?

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