How To Make A Business Plan

If at any point in your life, you consider starting your own business, the next thing after your “idea” would be your Business plan.

The most common business plan structure is to move from short, general summaries to more detailed explanations. Thus, the opening sections—the executive summary and the business description—are both brief overviews of the business. The body of the plan consists of more in-depth descriptions of the fundamental elements and concerns of the business—the whohowwhat, and where of the business. The attachments at the end include the most detailed information—the financial data, management résumés, etc. A typical structure for the business plan follows:

  • Cover page and table of contents
    • Executive summary
    • Business description
    • Business environment analysis
    • Industry background
    • Competitive analysis
    • Market analysis
    • Marketing plan
    • Operations plan
    • Management summary
    • Financial plan
    • Attachments and milestones

work around these points and generate  a draft, check it throughout take a break.. and then come back to it..see what you can improve and finalize it.

P.S :- 1. these are not important at all, whats important is the passion  and believe in your idea . rest act like catalysts.

2.I am study Harvard manage mentor for business plan..thought this extract would be helpful.


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